Strategic Focus on Growth Through Partnerships

Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals is committed to bringing new and innovative products to the market. When you partner with us, you become part of the greater effort to make the world a healthier place by providing patients with safer and more effective products.

We are continuously looking for opportunities to expand our diverse product and business portfolios through:

  • Targeted acquisitions
  • Development collaborations
  • Licensing arrangements

In our pursuit of new business opportunities at Mallinckrodt, we follow a rigorous and well-defined process to select and evaluate new ideas, execute business transactions and integrate external opportunities.

Areas of Interest

We are primarily seeking commercialized or late-stage products for our Specialty Brands and Specialty Generics segments within the following key areas:

  • Neurology (CNS), nephrology, rheumatology, ophthalmology, pulmonology, or rare disease products
  • Acute care in-patient hospital products
  • Select acute care office-based products
  • Specialty/niche and controlled generics

To learn more about Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals' products, visit our products website.

Our Process

We follow a standard external idea selection process and rigorously evaluate new growth opportunities to drive and support partnership negotiations.

Step 1: Initial Review

  • Conduct initial review of non-confidential information
  • Determine if opportunity aligns with strategic focus areas
  • Execute a confidentiality agreement if we move forward

Step 2: Due Diligence

  • Conduct in-depth assessments of confidential information in areas such as finance, commercial, manufacturing, intellectual property, and R&D

Step 3: Transaction Execution

  • Negotiate and obtain approval for transaction
  • Execute transaction

Step 4: Implementation

  • Transition, integrate, and operationalize

Should you have an opportunity that fits Mallinckrodt's focus areas for our consideration, please contact us.