Our Culture
& People

A company with a start-up mentality and a history that spans nearly 150 years, we’ve become an industry leader with an exceedingly capable, engaged workforce. While we consider ourselves the “oldest newest company,” our core values of quality, integrity and service have endured since day one. Even today our five Cultural Hallmarks guide our work and serve as a foundation for our success:

  • ACCOUNTABLE  - We are each personally responsible for ensuring Mallinckrodt's success
  • COMPETITIVE  - We value breakthrough thinking that leads to industry leadership
  • COLLABORATIVE - We work together to create solutions
  • HIGH PERFORMING  - We deliver on our commitments
  • TRUSTWORTHY - We consistently model our values

The importance we place in these hallmarks is showcased and upheld by our team members, colleagues and leaders each and every day. From embracing the entrepreneurial spirit to continued community involvement, we believe in all that we do, as well as our unique position to make a positive difference in lives throughout the world.