Responsible Use

Balancing Effective Treatment With Responsible Use

Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to providing safe and effective medications for the treatment of patients with pain and is equally committed to working with policymakers, law enforcement and industry to address the complex issues of opioid addiction and abuse.

How Mallinckrodt Helps Those in Pain

Providing relief for people with chronic and acute pain is something Mallinckrodt does exceptionally well. The effective pain management offered by our medicines helps enable patients to stay in the workplace, enjoy interactions with family and friends, and remain an active member of society.

That’s why we support:

  • The development of tamper-resistant/abuse-deterrent technologies
  • Regulatory standards that support the adoption of these abuse-deterrent technologies

Our Vision for Safe Opioid Use

An integral part of Mallinckrodt’s long-term vision is to invest in and expand the use of abuse-deterrent technology in our product line.

We believe that employing products with these technologies, alongside other efforts to target the complex nature of opioid safe use, can help ensure cost-effective access to appropriate pain treatment for the millions of patients affected by acute and chronic pain — all while substantially reducing opioid misuse and abuse.

Other elements of a comprehensive effort to address opioid abuse and misuse include:

  • Improving the integration of federal and state prescription drug monitoring programs and efforts
  • Developing and sharing best practices for monitoring suspicious orders, both at the manufacturing and supply chain stages — an area where Mallinckrodt is an industry leader
  • Improving stakeholder education for patients, providers and the public at large, including education initiatives validated by measurable outcomes
  • Enhancing drug take-back and addiction rehabilitation programs

Learn more about Mallinckrodt’s efforts and how you can be a part of the solution for prescription drug abuse prevention.

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