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Our Core Four Values - Customer Support


With global reach and an exceptional depth of knowledge in the industry, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals provides timely delivery of quality API products. Our global sales force understands your business, delivering a comprehensive solution tailored to your needs. Our team has local networks in every region of the world; they know our products and speak your language, providing value-added service every step of the way.

Global Reach

  • Our global operations — with customer service representatives located in the United States, Europe, Latin America and Japan — enable us to provide you local support that can tap into Mallinckrodt’s knowledge and expertise in API when necessary.
  • Leveraging our significant sales volume around the world, we have secured global freight lanes, enabling us to provide guaranteed shipping rates on your orders and add value to your supply chain.
  • Our warehousing distribution centers and distributor network provide us the ability to deliver safety stock to your global business, meeting the changing needs of your customers.

Responsive to Your Needs

  • With a network of more than 30 agents and distributors around the world, you can place an order in virtually any language and reach live customer service representatives during your normal business hours.
  • We are invested in your success and will leverage our long-term industry experience and regulatory relationships to address any challenges you face. For instance, Mallinckrodt worked with the European Commission to have duties for the importation of Paracetamol into the European Union suspended.
  • We consider ourselves your partner, available to quickly address your needs, whether it is troubleshooting manufacturing issues, enhancing production efficiency, providing impurity standards for lab use or offering placebo samples for performance evaluation.

Experienced Resources

  • We provide additional value through superior technical and research and development support. We can help you maximize your formulations and determine which grades of products best meet your needs.
  • Our experience and extensive knowledge of international regulatory bodies allow us to successfully adhere to regulations around the world. We work closely with these organizations to make sure we stay ahead of changing requirements, already meeting the standards in 56 countries on six continents.

With Mallinckrodt, you can expect world-class customer service anywhere around the globe. We use every resource at our disposal to deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs. We look forward to serving your business as your supplier of choice.