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Our Core Four Values - Performance


Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals' ability to deliver high-performance acetaminophen products is unmatched in the industry, giving you the assurance that your API purchase will meet your precise needs. Our innovative processing methods give our acetaminophen and Compap™ products the color consistency, particle size, content uniformity and impurity profile that you and your customers demand.

Impurity Profile

  • Our deep understanding of how to manufacture acetaminophen means you receive the highest quality products. Our unique para-aminophenol formulation and purification process ensures we have the fewest impurities on the market (with no chlorinated impurities). Our knowledge and process controls result in Acetaminophen products that are well below impurity requirements for all international Pharmacopoeia, keeping you ahead of the evolving standards in all the markets you serve and ensuring your customers receive the safest products possible.


  • We are meticulous in the manufacturing process of our acetaminophen and Compap products, tightly managing the color control of our products and those impurities that can cause discoloration before or after your purchase. Regardless of your color standard, you know that your acetaminophen product will be white when you buy it, when you use it and when the consumer opens the package.

Particle Size/Content Uniformity

  • With our directly compressible acetaminophen products like Compap L, you can be assured of consistent particle-size distribution and content uniformity. Compap L is specially formulated so that it precisely blends with other active ingredients. Our consistent particle size and good flow properties result in cost savings for you because it requires a lower compression force to retain optimal tablet characteristics and content uniformity. Compap L is also ideal for tableting at higher rates, keeping your costs down.

Our commitment to high manufacturing standards means our acetaminophen and directly compressible products perform precisely as you intend. Years of process innovation experience add value to your order, resulting in pure and compatible acetaminophen and Compap products. We look forward to servicing your business as your supplier of choice.