Inclusion & Diversity

Inclusion and Diversity Start with You

At Mallinckrodt, inclusion and diversity are at the core of who we are, and as we execute on our strategy to deliver powerful, life-changing treatments for patients, we are strengthened by the value we derive from the varied identities, experiences, cultures and views of our employees.

Consistent with our commitment to provide a safe and welcoming work environment and treat each employee with individual respect and dignity, we have established and are continuing to establish policies to protect all employees.

Inclusion & Diversity

Awards & Recognition

Each one of us has the ability to change and strengthen those around us, which is why we choose to champion diversity within our community and organization.

ERG & Council Honors Award Best places to work for LGBT Equality 2017

Executive Commitment

Diversity at Mallinckrodt starts with our leadership, reinforces company policy and helps cultivate and inspire an inclusive and diverse working environment. The following quotes demonstrate this determined direction and our strong cultural hallmarks:

Mark Trudeau

“We view our commitment to a strong culture of diversity and inclusion as indispensable to being a ‘high-performing organization,’ one of our core strategies. Put simply, we have better ideas for how to serve our customers, patients, and other diverse stakeholders because we empower a broad array of employees from different backgrounds and respect the unique contributions they bring to the table.”
Mark Trudeau President and Chief Executive Officer

Meredith Fischer

“Much of what we do today and the way that we drive business forward is conducted in teams, and we know for a fact, from both our experience and the literature, that diverse teams are more productive, they are smarter and they get to solutions faster.”
Meredith Fischer Chief Public Affairs Officer

Matt Harbaugh

“The more diverse the thinking, the better the decision making.”
Matt Harbaugh Executive Vice President and
Chief Financial Officer

Michael-Bryant Hicks

“When a company's team members work together more efficiently, the result is inevitably higher productivity, since unwelcoming environments always result in the diversion of team member energy away from the company's mission. Building an inclusive environment helps to eliminate that diversion.”
Michael-Bryant Hicks General Counsel

Ron Lloyd

“The patients we serve come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures; therefore, creating and building a diverse and inclusive workforce is imperative so that we can better serve all of our patients.”
Ron Lloyd Executive Vice President and
President, Hospital Therapies

Hugh O'Neill

“Inclusion and diversity is so important to Mallinckrodt because we must reflect the world in which we compete every day. The markets and our customers are diverse and their thoughts, needs and desires have to be understood and included in our approach. If we do not include employees of diverse experiences, races, religions or sexual orientation, there is no way that we will be able to succeed.”
Hugh O’Neil Executive Vice President and
President, Autoimmune and Rare Diseases

Gary Phillips

“The benefits of an inclusive and diverse environment are undisputed. Not only does inclusion make the work environment more interesting and enjoyable, but diversity has clear benefits to business performance. I personally will only work in an organization that promotes inclusion and diversity.”
Gary Phillips Executive Vice President and
Chief Strategy Officer

Ian Watkins

“For Mallinckrodt to realize our aspirational vision, it is essential that we are shaping an inclusive culture that allows our diverse talent to passionately deliver value to the customers, medical professionals and patients we serve.”
Ian Watkins Chief Human Resources Officer

Mallinckrodt inclusive culture