Patient Stories

Patient Stories

At Mallinckrodt, an essential part of our mission is to improve lives. That's why we're shining a spotlight on a few of our patients, their families, and their inspiring stories of courage and determination.

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Zia's Story

Unexpected Complications: A Mother Works With Doctors To Save Her Son

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Joe's Story

Searching for a Solution: An Engineer Takes Corrective Action...On His Health!

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Rose's Story

Draw Inspiration from Coworkers: Turn Fear into Resilience

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Nicole's Story

Forced to Give Up a Dream: Fighting for Health, Rather than Her Country

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John's Story

Channeling Anger into Hope: A Father Deals with Disease at a Young Age

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Kristine's Story

Treating the Pain: A Mother Takes Charge of Her Son's Path to Recovery (posted 8/1/16)

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Molli's Story

A Family's Journey: From Devastation to Appreciation (posted 8/1/16)

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